Everything you buy, from the shirt on your back to the toothbrush in your bathroom, has a story behind it. Each product has lived an entire life before it gets to you. Its ingredients were grown or made by someone. Its pieces were crafted together by an individual's hands. Even if it was partially made by a machine or dug up from the Earth, there is still at least some human component in everything we purchase.

Unfortunately, many of the products we buy have untold negative stories. Stories of human trafficking and modern day slavery, of environmental and economic degradation. 

We want to change that. We believe that consumers have the power to demand better stories from brands. We believe that change comes slowly, by requiring more transparency and cleaner supply chains from companies around the globe. 

Buy Better Stories exists to:

1. Connect conscious consumers with social impact businesses, making it easier for shoppers to find businesses whose values align with their own through our ever-growing Conscious Directory.

2. Create a community of people - consumers and entrepreneurs alike - who want to see the world change through commerce. We exist to tell the stories of those people.

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