The Golden Rule

In its essence, social enterprise is simple: treat others how you want to be treated. The businesses included on Buy Better Stories are doing just that. Every business included has a double or triple bottom line and is operating for the good of people, planet, and profit.

Progress Over Perfection

We recognize that living and shopping 100% ethically and sustainably is quite a feat. In the same way, manufacturing products and operating a business 100% ethically and sustainably can get very difficult as well.

We seek to provide an empowering, guilt-free approach to conscious consumerism as well as social impact business practices. That means not every business on our site is perfect. They are, however, making small changes every day, doing the best they possibly can with the highest integrity to create a product or provide a service that is good for people, planet, and profit. Their mission to use business for good is baked into their identity. If we ever find out that this is not the case, the company will be removed from the Directory.

Quality Over Quantity

We believe companies should first and foremost provide a high-quality product to their customer. We believe in slow fashion and thoughtful design. We believe in companies using materials that are good for people and planet.


Every dollar is a vote.

Transparency breeds trust.

A small start is a great beginning.

Humanity is connected through commerce.

Business holds the keys to change the world.

Stronger communities build a stronger world.

Consumers have the power to #BuyBetterStories.