A Wool Story

The idea for A Wool Story came from a passion for all things handmade and sustainable. The more Meghan learned about the harm to the environment that the fashion and textile industry is responsible for, the more she wanted to lead by example and raise the question: can there be another way? By using sustainably sourced materials such as natural dyes, secondhand, recycled and organic fabrics, A Wool Story provides limited-edition pieces that offer a sustainable alternative to mass-produced home and apparel items. Each piece is unique due to the natural variations from the process of natural dyeing and its handmade nature that embraces the wabi-sabi style. Sustainability is taken into consideration in every step along the way, from the domestically sourced organic cotton sew in labels, to the hand stamped hang tags, to the recycled paper mailers in which each order is sent out. Customers can feel good in A Wool Story knowing their piece was handmade with care and attention to detail.

Source: https://www.awoolstory.com/